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Spectat0r ban for adv Discord


Character name: Spectat0r

Admin who issued punishment: Turbino

Punishment recived:  https://imgur.com/a/H9XSklH 

Date of punished: 16/6/2020 time 14:35:55

reason give for punishment Advertisment on Discord

your explaination what happen: i was a helping a player name VinSky i was saying let me tell you how to complete /ip2 when he goes to ip2 then i were about to go

in the ip2 then i got ban of adv discord and Turbino i know you banned me but you should give me a chance and everyone say a chance can change your life

Why should your appeal be accepted: because i know that i break the rules but i did not know the rules of discord and you did not give me a chance or warned by 

admin and sorry for advertising server on discord i did not know the rules


Since you evaded your ban, You're unbanned in 30 days, If you try to evade your ban again, I'll ban you permanently.

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